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Children come home ‘buzzing with information’ and wanting to share knowledge.


Year 5/6 Units of Work

Autumn TermSpring TermSummer Term
Living things and their habitatsEvolution and Inheritance
HistoryAncient GreeksNon-European Societies: Early Islamic CivilisationBritish History Post 1066: World War II
GeographyStudy of a European RegionUnited KingdomLocal Area Study
ComputingNetworks and SystemsCreating MediaProgrammingDataCreating MediaProgramming
ArtTypography and mapsMixed Medialand and CityScapesSet Design
DTFoodStructuresMechanical Systems
MusicHey, Mr MillerShadows & Composing for protestDona nobis pacemAin’t gonna let nobodyRaceExploring identity through song.
PSHEMe and My RelationshipsValuing DifferenceKeeping SafeRights and RespectBeing My BestGrowing and Changing
REWhat does it mean for Christians to believe that God is holy and loving?Why do Christian believe that Jesus is the Messiah?Why do Hindus want to be good?How do Christians decide how to live? ‘What would Jesus do?’For Christians, what kind of King was Jesus?Why is the Torah so important to Jewish people?
MFLPhonics 3&4 and Presenting MyselfFamilyAt the CaféOlympicsThe WeekendVikings
PEPersonalSocialCognitiveCreativePhysicalHealth and Fitness