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"The curriculum is interesting and varied and motivates pupils to succeed."


Class 2

In Class 2, we have  Year 3 and Year 4 taught by Class Teacher Helen Russell (3 days), Headteacher and Class Teacher Rebecca Gray (2 days) and supported by our Class TA, Corinne Walters. We always start our day with reading quizzes from our Accelerated Reader Scheme, reading with adults, Times Table Rockstars or a daily Geography or History challenge to build on our learning in those subjects and to help us “think like a geographer” or a historian. Our daily class story follows our KS2 or whole school Collective Worship and we sit together on the carpet to enjoy being read to by an adult, instilling a love of reading and sharing stories for life! 
We teach in small groups in our 45 minute Maths lessons to allow for highly targeted support and personalisation of targets and revisit past and present Maths learning every day through our 30 minute Maths On Track sessions. We believe that mistakes are the building blocks of learning, and we celebrate those tricky learning moments when we know we are making new connections. In English we follow ‘the Write Stuff’ which allows every child to flourish with their writing and has built confidence across the class in collecting and sharing ideas. Each half term we cover 2 units of work, one non-fiction and one narrative or poetry, each ending with an ‘independent write’ where the children are able to plan, write and edit their own pieces of extended writing. Our reading and writing is supported by daily phonics and spelling, where we extend the phonics knowledge gained in KS1, to being able to read and spell polysyllabic words and apply phonic rules to new vocabulary across foundation subjects and Science using Sounds Write Phonics. We interrogate new vocabulary and break it down to understand the morphology and etymology of words, our favourite this term has been the word “disease” (did you know it comes from the prefix dis + ease to mean a lack of ease and originated from old French!)  
The children are set weekly homework of reading and spelling, with the expectation to practise every day. For spelling homework, the children are giving an individualised list of ‘focus 5 words’ that they need to practise and the words are only changed once the child is able to show that they have used each word 3 times in their writing that week. We also set a creative termly homework, closely linked to one of our topics that term – past examples include creating a tourist information leaflet for the Rockies, performing a poem and creating a detailed model of a skeleton of an animal!  


Music, French, Computing History and Geography are taught together with Year 5 and Year 6 and a carefully structured curriculum ensures progression of skills and vocabulary across all of Key Stage 2. Science is taught separately in Class 2 and we follow a 2 year rolling curriculum.

Additional information

Please download and read the “Multiplication Tables Check” information that has become available.