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Residential visits and extra-curricular activities have a positive impact on raising pupils’ aspirations and broadening their horizons.


Wider Curriculum

At Down Ampney, we aim to expand and enrich children’s experiences and view of the world through a range of exciting, fun, and unique experiences. Personal development is of utmost importance, and children have many opportunities to partake in a wide variety of enriching experiences. Developing their cultural capital gives them a fuller understanding of the world around them. Throughout their time at Down Ampney, we ensure that all children have the opportunity to engage with live music, attend the theatre, meet authors, visit museums, participate in inspirational sporting events, and interact with individuals from inspiring professions such as explorers and university professors.

The documents below gives you a snapshot of the activities children have participated in over the last two years. 

Enrichment Calendar 21-23

Enrichment Calendar 23-24