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"The new approach to teaching mathematics has transformed teaching in this subject."

Ofsted 2018


Sustainability is embedded throughout our curriculum to educate and inspire children to understand the impact of human life on the environment. At a time when we are acutely aware of the impact of our actions, it is vital that future generations understand that we depend on our Earth for all basic physical needs, such as food, fresh air, clean water and shelter and must strive to take care of it. We aim to underpin children’s understanding of environmental issues through knowledge gained through other subjects such as Geography and Science and to enable them to see the relationship between people and nature. At Down Ampney, children are exposed to global perspectives of sustainability, such as threats to the rainforest and protecting marine environments, as well as self-understanding and we link wider issues to children’s own experiences, such as litter and plastic waste in our streets and school. Sustainability is rooted in our school values of Everyone Achieving, Everyone Believing and Everyone Caring and our commitment to a sustainable future is shown through our Eco School work and Green Flag awards.

Sustainabilty across the Curriculum