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"The playground is a happy and harmonious place. As one pupil put it, ‘Everyone is treated equally here.’ And this ethos ensures that pupils feel accepted and fully included in school life."


Outward Facing School

At Down Ampney we strive to be an outward-facing school. We are committed to enhancing our professional development and improving student aspirations through external connections. We actively develop relationships with families, local businesses, and other local schools.  We aim to enrich our students’ experiences and broaden their horizons, contributing to continuous school improvement.

To broaden our impact beyond our own cohort we welcome students on work experience from DofE, T-Level, PGCE & B.Ed. programmes and invite teachers from other schools to observe best practice in mixed-age teaching. The Headteacher mentors new Headteachers and SENCOs in the area and we host clusters of small schools, ECTs and EYFS with a focus on wellbeing and collaborative support. 

We focus on strategic leadership, clear communication, and community involvement. By integrating these outward-facing activities into our core values, we enhance our educational ecosystem, creating a supportive environment for both students and staff. These efforts not only improve student learning outcomes but also motivate our teachers, making a lasting impact on our school’s success.

Download a one page summary of this year’s outreach.