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Children come home ‘buzzing with information’ and wanting to share knowledge.



Overview of Curriculum Structure

Our curriculum is taught within each Key Stage over a two-year cycle for all subjects, with the exception of Phonics and Maths. Teaching is adapted within each class to suit the pupils’ learning and progress within their year group. This adaptation is based on our progression documents, which outline the expected knowledge and skills development within each Key Stage.
For a detailed breakdown of the key learning within each unit of work, please refer to the Units of Work documents available here.
Termly overviews of the units taught within each term by Key Stage can be found here 
For parents or members of the public seeking more information on how we structure teaching within each subject area and to understand the progression of knowledge and skills within each subject, please visit the subject pages via the buttons below, to access the progression documents.
Teachers utilise commercially available resources to support subject planning. If you would like further information about these resources, please contact the school office at