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Children come home ‘buzzing with information’ and wanting to share knowledge.


Units of Work

Each unit of work is carefully planned to ensure that the skills and knowledge that we want the children to learn is sequenced to allow them to build on previous learning.  Teachers ensure that research reviews and other research informs their planning and that these plans are adapted to reflect the needs, experiences and interests of each cohort. 
These plans also outline how the unit links with other units and ensures that our vision, values, British values and protected chrematistics are intertwined so that connections can be made throughout children’s learning whilst keep each subject discrete. 
English and Maths are planned differently as units are often shorter and matched very closely to the specific attainment, gaps and any misconceptions from the unit before. 
The curriculum is on a two year cycle for Y1/2, Y3/4, Y5/6 so not all children journey through the school in the same route. The teachers are very skilled at using support and extend elements  to ensure that children are able to fully access and excel in the unit of study. Adaptations might include pre-teaching some vocabulary, providing worked examples, extending learning to make connections with other units taught.
For children in EYFS they follow a one year programme but are taught within the same class as the Y1/2 so access their learning at their own level. This is achieved by skilful practioners who are aware of the children’s abilities, interests and next steps in learning. 
To explore unit plans, first click the link below to the class.