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Children come home ‘buzzing with information’ and wanting to share knowledge.


Year 1/2 Units of Work

Autumn TermSpring TermSummer Term
ScienceEveryday materialsEveryday materialsPlantsSeasonal changeAnimals incl, humans Animals incl, humans
HistoryLocal StudySignificant IndividualsEvents beyond living memory
GeographyWeather and SeasonsHot & Cold PlacesUnited Kingdom
ComputingNetworks and systemsCreating MediaProgrammingDataCreating MediaProgramming
ArtSpiralsInspired Flora and FaunaMaking Birds
MusicTony ChestnutCarnival of the Animals – musical conversationsGrandma rapSwing-a- long with ShostakovichThe rockpool rockTanczymy labada
PSHEMe and my relationshipsKeeping safeRights and respect< ahref="" target="_blank">Being my bestGrowing and changing
REWho do Christians say God made the World?Who do Christians say God made the World?How should we care for others and for the World and why does it matter?Why does Easter matter to Christians?Who is Jewish and how do they live?Who is Jewish and how do they live?
PEPersonalSocialCognitiveCreativePhysicalHealth and Fitness