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Teachers carefully build pupils’ knowledge and understanding of how to use grammar and punctuation to good effect in their writing.



At Down Ampney we use high quality texts to plan our writing outcomes, to give children a balanced range of fiction, non-fiction and poetry writing opportunities. Our lessons have discrete grammar, punctuation or spelling focuses linked to the text to enable children to write using a range of styles and genres. We use a series of incidental writes throughout each unit to apply taught grammar, language and structural features, building to our final independent writing piece. 

Throughout the school we plan writing to meet specific writing purposes across the year, building on prior learning to meet each outcome. The purposes for writing are – writing to entertain, writing to inform, writing to persuade (KS2 only) and writing to discuss (UKS2 only). 

We also plan extended writing opportunities within foundation subjects, to apply taught grammatical, language and structural features within a range of contexts. 

Our writing overview at Down Ampney begins with the initial foundations of writing with Reception, through sharing stories, describing and sequencing events, exploring mark making and engaging in back-and-forth talk. Through phonics sessions, children are discretely taught letter formation, word building and phoneme-grapheme correspondences to help them to work towards building sentences independently.