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Leaders use the sport premium wisely to increase levels of pupils’ participation in a range of sporting activities and competitions.




The vision for Physical Education at Down Ampney Primary School is that all children have a positive experience of being active and take a love of activity into their adult lives. At Down Ampney, PE is meaningful and inclusive, and every child feels valued, involved and challenged. Our Gold School Games Mark award reflects our commitment to keeping young people active and ensuring that we create positive experiences around PE and Sport, both for children and their parents and carers. 

The PE curriculum is planned following a skills-based approach, aligned with the National Curriculum and the Development Matters “Physical Development” objectives. We use the REAL PE programme to deliver our PE lessons. Targeted use of sports coaches throughout the year allows children to experience a wide variety of sports

We offer children the opportunity to take part in a number of sporting events alongside other local schools, including sports leader events and more uncommon sports for children to try, such as Boccia. This year, children have attended a number of events, including cross country, dodgeball, athletics and gymnastics. 

Our curriculum focuses on learning behaviours and fundamental movement skills which build progressively from EYFS to Year 6. Our long-term plans detail the fundamental movement skills of Agility, Balance and Co-ordination; the building blocks for both physical activities and life skills. 

There are 12 fundamental movement skills based around a range of Agility, Balance and Co-ordination units which allow children to master key skills and progress to greater challenges both within a lesson and throughout each year. Within EYFS, fine and gross motor skills are developed throughout continuous and enhanced provision, as well as during PE sessions. Children apply skills through involvement in School Games activities, as well as planned friendly sports matches against local schools.

We ensure that children take part in a range of inclusive, active experiences, as well as being part of wider local events. Our aim is to ensure that a child’s view of PE is more than being able to take part in competitive sport. 

Every PE unit revisits the core skills of Agility, Balance and Co-ordination and children are encouraged to recall from a warm-up activity, the prior skills they developed. When applying skills in other areas of activity, such as sports coaching or football, children reflect on the skills needed to be successful. 

Within each unit, children are able to choose their level of challenge. Posters and skills videos support children to focus on how to improve. 

Workshops such as “Wellbeing through Sports” and “Dance Day” mean that all children, including those who are eligible for Pupil Premium funding, have a wide range of opportunities to enhance their healthy lifestyles. Sports equipment for break and lunchtimes encourage co-operative and active playtimes to contribute towards their 60 active minutes a day. Children also enjoy physical breaks, such as the  Daily Mile during the school day to boost their active minutes.

The use of technology such as timing mats and ipads in PE, enables pupils to take ownership of their progress. 

Swimming is central to our PE curriculum, based on our local proximity to water-based activities and the importance of water safety.

British Values are fundamental within the PE curriculum and sports values linked to our school values are celebrated through our School Games partnership.


The outstanding implementation of our PE curriculum is characterised by a well-structured and progressive framework that encompasses a range of physical activities, sports, and opportunities for personal development. The curriculum is carefully planned and sequenced to ensure continuity and progression, enabling pupils to build upon their skills and knowledge as they move through the school. All staff undertake CPD through our partnership with REAL PE and this is reflected in the skills and confidence of staff delivering lessons and their passion in promoting physical activity and well-being, as well as the rich variety of after-school clubs that they offer. Teachers employ a variety of teaching styles and pedagogical approaches to engage and inspire pupils, ensuring that lessons are challenging, enjoyable, and tailored to meet the needs of all learners.

At Down Ampney, we provide a range of after-school sports clubs, inter-school competitions, and opportunities for leadership and volunteering in sports activities. These opportunities not only enrich the curriculum but also foster a sense of pride, teamwork, and resilience among our pupils. We offer children the opportunity to take part in more uncommon sports such as Boccia. This year, children have attended a number of events, including cross country, dodgeball, athletics and gymnastics. 


The impact of our PE provision is evident in the positive attitudes towards physical activity; improved health and fitness levels and the enhanced sense of well-being among our pupils. All children leave Down Ampney able to swim and with increased confidence around water.

Through regular participation in PE lessons; extra-curricular activities such as the cricket festival and dance festival; after-school clubs such as dance, gymnastics and netball and both competitive and non-competitive inter-school events, our pupils demonstrate improved physical literacy, confidence, and resilience, which are essential life skills that can be transferred to other areas of their learning and personal development.

Children exhibit a strong sense of sportsmanship, teamwork, and fair play, reflecting the values and ethos of our school. They have the ability to set goals, overcome challenges, and work collaboratively towards shared objectives, both on and off the sports field.

Overall, the outstanding PE provision at Down Ampney has a transformative impact on the holistic development of our pupils, equipping them with the skills, knowledge, and attitudes necessary to lead healthy and active lifestyles now and in the future.

PE Progression of Skills

2 Year Rolling Long Term Plan Overview