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"Behaviour is good. Pupils say that they feel safe in school. They have positive attitudes to their learning and apply themselves diligently to their work."


COVID-19 Measures

Current Measures (from Nov 1 2021)

Measures are under constant review in accordance with shifting government guidance and requirements. As of Monday 1st November 2021, and until further notice, the following measures are in place. 

  • Whole school daily worship will be held in classes or outside together.
  • Packed lunches will be eaten in classrooms allowing those who are having hot school dinners to eat in class groups.
  • Children will be together in class groups first thing in the morning rather than mixing, to allow teachers to check on whether any children are absent and the reasons for this.
  • Children in class 2 and 3 continue to have many afternoon lessons together.
  • Children will continue to mix outside at break and lunchtimes
  • Swimming will continue, with children sitting on the coach and changing in, class groups.
  • Teachers will continue to cover each other’s lessons. This will enable the school to run as normally as possible but also to remain open for as long as possible if a member of staff needs to isolate.
  • Windows and doors will continue to be always open, so children (and teachers) will need lots of layers!
  • School councils will be held in class groupings rather than house groupings for this term.
  • Before and after school clubs will continue to run for all children but must be booked in advance so that measures and staffing can be organised.
  • Visitors in school will need to have completed and record a lateral flow test or wear a mask.
  • Parents evening will be re-scheduled with a choice of times in person and via telephone.
The following measures for parents and children at home are suggested and encouraged.
  • Children are encouraged to do lateral flow tests twice a week along with everyone in the household. This is a major change to the previous advice and will hopefully enable more cases to be found earlier.
  • Wear a mask if gathering in a group or coming to speak to a member of staff or needing to come into school.
  • If anyone in your household has a positive lateral flow test or symptoms, then the current advice is to all have a PCR test and isolate for the 24 hours until you have the results.
  • If anyone in your household tests positive on a PCR but others in the household do not, those that do not can return to school but are advised to LFT daily and re-do a PCR after 4 days.
  • If your child needs to isolate please ensure that they complete the work set on the padlet and email it to the class email address –, ,
  • Ensure that your child attends school if they can do so and arrive as close to 8:30 am as possible.
  • Ensure your child has layers to keep them warm
  • Ensure that we have the correct contact details for you should we need to contact you.

Coronavirus Catchup Grant

Please visit our finance page for all financial-related information.

Policy Amendments

The following documents linked below are additional to their respective policies and are intended to be read in conjunction with those available from our policies page. 

Amendment to Remote Leaning Policy

Amendment to Behaviour Policy